About Us

Jordan & Associates began in 1993 to represent public agencies in Washington.  Our strategy combines using our knowledge of the federal legislative and executive process to reach our client’s goals. We have built a practice of representing local governments and transit agencies that is highly respected for getting things done in Washington.


Jordan & Associates concentrates on overseeing federal legislation and regulations that affect local governments and transit agencies. We inform our clients on the impact of pending legislation and proposed Federal regulations and rules, as well as the implication of changing legislation at the local level. Keeping our clients abreast of actions at Federal agencies is a major element of our representation, as the executive branch has become very proactive in asserting their own agenda in Washington.  We have been highly successful in securing federal funding for our client’s regardless of the political climate in Washington.   

Public agencies are greatly affected by what goes on in Washington.  Our depth of knowledge and experience enables our clients to get to the right people in navigating the bureaucratic maze of Washington, and find a favorable solution.