Workforce Development: Transit Training – Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium (SCRTTC), California

Jordan & Associates was approached by SCRTTC to find federal support for a program that would focus on the development of a highly-skilled transit workforce that is critical to maintaining a competitive and efficient public transportation system in the United States. SCRTTC is comprised of over 45 public transit agencies and community colleges in California, whose focus is to provide a training resource network focused on the development and delivery of training and employment of the transit industry workforce. Public transportation has experienced significant growth in this country, yet transit employees skills were not keeping up with this demand. Training transit employees through a workforce development program was not a focus of the federal government at the time. 

Jordan & Associates was able to secure $1.5 million for the only research and development project for California in the 2005 transportation law, which provided the foundation for SCRTTC to train their employees. SCRTCC became a national model for the Department of Transportation, which led the way for community colleges and transit agencies to become partners in developing transit training programs.  We continued to work with officials at the Department of Transportation and made SCRTTC aware of a new discretionary funding opportunity through the Federal Transit Administration called the innovative Workforce Development Grant.  We worked closely with the Department of Transportation and the congressional delegation to make them aware of the importance of the project.  SCRTTC was awarded $673.713 from the FTA in 2012 through the Innovative Workforce Development Grant Program, which will provide training to transportation providers in California.