Planning: Transit Oriented Development Plan –Livermore, California

The City of Livermore had been working for several years with local officials to extend a rapid transit system to their community. The goal of the transit project was to provide an inter-regional and inter-modal link from the existing transit system to inter-regional rail service and Priority Development Areas in Livermore. The project was also intended to support integrating transit and land use policies to create opportunities for transit-oriented development around the proposed transit station, as well as around the inter-regional rail station and the express bus stations in Livermore.  

Funding was needed for a development plan to help the City of Livermore plan for local land uses and access improvements to further the planned rapid transit extension. Congress had banned the practice of earmarking, but Jordan & Associates identified a discretionary account within the Federal Highway Administration, known as the  Transportation and Community and System Preservation (TCSP) Program..  We made Livermore aware of  the funding opportunity and worked with the City to submit an award winning grant. throughout the application process. As a result, $286,000 in TCSP funds was awarded to allow the City.  The grant award will enable the City to properly plan for the planned extension of the rapid transit extension to their community.