Infrastructure: Regional Transportation Center (RTC) Project – San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD), California

San Joaquin RTD had identified a significant deferred reinvestment need in their transit system.  A Regional Transportation Center that would include a Fuel and Bus Wash Facility, structures for fueling, inspection and washing of buses had been deferred for many years, due to lack of funding.  The total cost of the facility was $67 million.  While state and local sources provided some of the funding, federal funding was needed to close the financing gap.  Without investment in adequate transportation facilities, RTD’s ability to provide efficient and cost-effective transit service to the community in Stockton would diminish as the current facility deteriorated. 

We initially secured $1.25 million through the annual appropriations process for the RTC project through the Transportation Appropriations bill, Bus and Bus Facilities Account.  When Congress placed a moratorium on earmarking, Jordan & Associates identified several new discretionary grant programs through the DOT that could fund the transportation facility project.  Jordan & Associates then introduced RTD to our local grant writer who was able to transform RTD’s project into a winning grant application. RTD received an FY 2011 FTA 5309 State of Good Repair grant for $8,517,000 as well as an FY 2012 FTA SGR grant for an additional $7,958,725.  In total, RTD has received nearly $18 million in  federal funding for the project.  

The federal grant will also create an estimated 1,217 direct jobs through the construction period, which has provided significant economic benefits for San Joaquin County.