Economic Development: Infrastructure Improvements at the Provo Municipal Airport, – Provo, Utah

Provo City, Utah, had been working with the largest, family-owned business aircraft maintenance company in the world to build a facility in their city that would bring 657 jobs to Utah County.  In order to make this project a success, infrastructure improvements were needed at the Provo Municipal Airport to enable access to the airport’s service bay hangers and taxi lanes.  Significant capital investment was needed to provide these infrastructure improvements.

Jordan & Associates identified the Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) Public Works Program as a viable funding source for the infrastructure improvements at the Provo Airport.  The firm’s grant writer transformed the project concept into a winning proposal. We worked with EDA to refine the proposal prior to the submittal deadline.  Jordan & Associates background and knowledge of EDA’s priorities resulted in Provo City receiving $3,515,400 in EDA Public Works funds to support construction of infrastructure improvements at the Provo Municipal Airport. The improvements will enable access to the airport’s service bay hangers and taxi lanes, and will serve as a catalyst for expansion and development of other airport infrastructure. This investment is part of a $7,030,800 project that will create over 600 jobs and leverage $65 million in private investment.  Our strategy involved tailoring the project’s strengths with EDA’s priorities. Encouraging job growth in the advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries that surround aviation was a critical factor to emphasize with EDA, as well as the ability for the aviation facility to attract businesses from outside the country which will improve global competitiveness.  The project also resulted in identifying Provo and Utah County as a national aviation cluster, which will enable further economic development in the region.