Jordan & Associates Provides Solutions

Since our founding, we have recognized that our overriding goal should be to help our clientele solve problems and to enhance their reputations with policymakers.    This is why clients have looked to Jordan & Associates as a trusted advisor in Washington.  We have a proven track record in securing policy provisions and federal funding. 

The firm works closely with both Congress and Federal agencies in advancing a client’s objectives.  We have a firm grasp of the legislative process, a solid understanding of how executive agencies function, and we know what works and what doesn’t.  Our experienced professionals are drawn from the ranks of the legislative and executive branches of government.  We partner with our clients to achieve sensible results that promote their long-term interests.


Jordan & Associates Provides a Personalized Approach

Jordan & Associates has provided personalized, one on one, Federal representation to clients since 1993.  The firm’s experts understand that not all clients have the same needs or the same resources available to meet their needs.  This is why we customize our approach to fit each client’s specific needs and objectives.  Our targeted approach has proven successful for our clients in achieving their Federal agendas. 

With Jordan & Associates’ main office is located in the Washington, DC Metro area, and our Western Regional office located in the Sacramento, California Metro area we are able to provide our clients with local on-site support as well as the traditional support in Washington, DC.